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Welcome to the webpage of a scale model of our solar system at York University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada!


For information on the various planets, click on the links in the sidebar to the left.


Each planet's webpage contains images, information (including the length of each planet's year and solar day), and links to more information about that planet online.

The panels of this model are located in the Petrie Science and Engineering building on the Keele Campus of York University (click for directions). They will be moved to an outside location once construction of the new Pan-Am Games stadium is complete.


To visualize the scale of the planets' orbits in space and time, click here
or here

For more information about scale models, click here

To simulate the orbits of objects in the solar system, click here

For more information about travelling the solar system and universe, click here

To venture beyond the solar system online, check out the Atlas of the Universe

To download free software for exploring space on your computer, click here

To find an astronomy club near you, click here in Canada or here in the USA